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The first three paragraphs deal with the definition of the Future, the Present and the Past.
It is like the richest dessert – you have to eat it slowly; maul it over in your mind.
Please don’t get discouraged before reading the last three paragraphs. They are about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It will blow your mind. It is wonderful! Continue reading Time

High Flight

My wife, Donna, learned and memorized a poem entitled, High Flight,
 by John Gillespie  Magee, Jr. While taking a trip or sitting on the porch swing or in the evening I would ask her to recite the poem for me. Donna loves poetry and non more than High Flight. Uncharacteristic of Donna she would put her whole self into the poem, with deep emotion and tender feelings and at the end of the poem she would raise her arm and touch the face of God.  We hope you enjoy this poem as much as we have. Go Ahead – touch the face of God… Continue reading High Flight

I Will Believe

I will believe, tho all around my way
        Dark shadows fall, and wintry winds be chill;
I know that after night shall come the day,
        My Father cares, and naught can work me ill. 

I will believe, tho all my days be spent
        In ceaseless toils from morning ’til the night;
My father knows, and I can rest content,
        His trusting child is precious in His sight.  Continue reading I Will Believe