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High Flight

My wife, Donna, learned and memorized a poem entitled, High Flight,
 by John Gillespie  Magee, Jr. While taking a trip or sitting on the porch swing or in the evening I would ask her to recite the poem for me. Donna loves poetry and non more than High Flight. Uncharacteristic of Donna she would put her whole self into the poem, with deep emotion and tender feelings and at the end of the poem she would raise her arm and touch the face of God.  We hope you enjoy this poem as much as we have. Go Ahead – touch the face of God… Continue reading High Flight

Do You Believe In Angels?

As I was traveling home one evening I was listening to a radio program  called “Talk Back”. The announcer said, “Tonight’s topic will be about angels. If anyone in our radio audience has had any encounters with angels or seen an angle please call in and share your experience”. The first two stories are from that program I wanted to share them with you.


A woman called in and said, “My son and I were traveling down the highway  Continue reading Do You Believe In Angels?

Your Choosing

What mercy Jesus shows this mad man! This wonderful story has always meant so much to me. So like God, the story ends differently than we would expect, but Jesus leaves so gentlemanly and doesn’t force himself on anyone. He tells the mad man, just like he tells us, Go Tell Your Story.

Rabbi, begone! Thy powers
Bring loss to us and ours.
Our ways are not as Thine.
Thou lovest men, we – swine
Oh, get Thee hence, Omnipotence!
And take this fool of Thine!
His soul? What care we for his soul?
What good to us that Thou has made him whole
Since we have lost our swine? Continue reading Your Choosing

The Giraffe

I originally transcribed this article from a lecture by Dr. Jobe Martin. Over the years, I’ve added additional research, my own personal thoughts, and appropriate scripture. You may enjoy reading more at Biblical Discipleship Ministries.

The Giraffe is an amazing creation. The adult male (bull) Giraffe stands a full eighteen feet tall. That’s two times the height of a normal room plus two feet. Because the Giraffe is so tall it requires a huge heart in order to pump the blood all the way up its long neck to its head. A Giraffe’s heart is two and a half feet long! If you make a fist, that is approximately how big your heart is. A human heart weighs 10-12 ounces and pumps 1800 gallons of blood a day through 60,000 miles of blood vessels. The human heart beats about 105,000 times in a 24 hour period.  Continue reading The Giraffe

The Chick and the Egg

(This was transcribed from a lecture by Dr. Jobe Martin of Biblical Discipleship Ministries.)

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you boil an egg  you see little bubbles coming out of the egg? Those bubbles come from little holes in the shell that are there for a very special purpose. In fact, there are ten thousand of those tiny holes in every shell.

When a chick is in the egg he has to breathe. Since he is not connected to his mother in any way, God has designed those holes in the shell of the egg so the little unborn chick can breathe. If those holes, or pours, weren’t there the chick would die because it would have no way to get air. Continue reading The Chick and the Egg