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Jesus Save Yourself

Jesus save Yourself

  1. First it was Peter in the Garden flaying away with his sword. 1
  2. Then it was Pilot letting Jesus know he had power to release Him.2
  3. Then the soldiers mocking Him.3
  4. Next the sarcastic Jewish teachers.4
  5. Followed by the Jewish Elders hurling their insults.5
  6. On their tail came the High Priests wagging their heads.6
  7. Even a group called “Others” with their cutting remarks.7
  8. The last two were the criminals (later one changed his mind).8

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A Mighty Work of God

A Mighty Work of God

Taken from the book “The Autobiography of Charles G. Finney
Condensed and edited by Helen Wessel
Bethany House Publishers 

Throughout the Bible God had recorded many miracles through the lives of godly men and women. In the United States in the 19th century, revival came to our country. God had raised special men to bring his message and many came to Christ. One of these men was Charles Finney. I wanted to share this special story with you, demonstrating the power of God, in one area in New York state. This is in Finney’s own words so the language may be a bit of a challenge.

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