Easy Does It? – Not!

easy does it

Easy is a choice of roads,
Each day we chose to take.
Easy accomplishes little,
Leaves ruin in its wake.

Easy lives in comfort,
The soft bed there it lay.
To spend its time in luxury,
It dotes on self and play.

Easy is a low road,
Basks in the sunshine bright.
A troubled soul it will not help,
To make their burden light.

Easy is a close kin,
Close to brother lazy.
The world madly seeks it,
Until it’s almost crazy.

Easy lies its head down,
For cozy comfort rest.
Prayer bows its head down,
To seek from God His best.

Easy does it – No it don’t!
Easy never gets things done.
Great achievement through hard work,
Is how the victory’s won.

Easy doesn’t do it,
No, it never will!
Progress presses forward,
While easy lies so still.

Compromise is easy,
A road that spirals down.
Good things comes from effort,
Always gaining precious ground.

The godly life’s not easy,
Trouble’s all around.
It’s work and sweat upon the brow,
From which good things abound.

Weeds come up so easily,
With no plowing of the ground.
Easy weeds kill the crop,
Where life and joy is found.

“Easy come, easy go”
Is such a certainty.
Working, striving for a gain,
Fits God’s plan perfectly.

Though life has not been easy,
God’s with us through the flame.
We’re always in His loving care,
He’s never there to blame.

In Heaven we’ll see Him face to face,
In full and not in part.
And through life’s hard struggles,
He’s been with us from the start.

And though we like the soft road easy,
He leads down roads called hard.
He’s our Refuge day and night,
He’s our front and rear guard.

Randy Benedetto

One thought on “Easy Does It? – Not!

  1. You are a true blessing to others, Randy. Thank you for sharing your writing talent and for your inspiring words. We appreciate you!

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