Creating art in various forms and dimensions is one of my passions and pastimes. Please enjoy the following collections, and contact me if you’d like to commission a new piece or purchase an existing one.


(740) 438-6207 or email me


Wood Carvings

I prefer to carve basswood for its smooth grain; it also takes color and detail well. Some of these pieces are available for immediate purchase while others can be commissioned just for you. View all my wood carvings here.


Wood Burnings

Generally I combine wood burning with pastels or colored pencils to add dimension, detail and depth. View all of my wood burnings here.



Old Glory makes a beautiful portrait! Sizes can vary and she’s available framed or unframed. View all of my flags here. 


Plaques and Personalization

Scripture verses, favorite quotes and sayings can be combined with wood carvings and wood burnings for a personalized piece. View all of my plaques here and contact me about your personalization needs.



These branch carving can be personalized for each member of your family or your favorite hobby.  View all of my chickens here.



These cowboy boots and hiking boots are made for walking out of basswood detailed with wood burning. View all of my boots here.


Paintings and Drawings

These can be done on wood, paper or stretched canvas. I work in colored pencils, pastels and acrylics. View all of my paintings and drawings here.