I Will Believe

I will believe, tho all around my way
        Dark shadows fall, and wintry winds be chill;
I know that after night shall come the day,
        My Father cares, and naught can work me ill. 

I will believe, tho all my days be spent
        In ceaseless toils from morning ’til the night;
My father knows, and I can rest content,
        His trusting child is precious in His sight. 

I will believe, tho faith be sorely tried;
        God’s promises forever shall endure;
all needful things will surely be supplied,
        I will not doubt, but rest in Him secure. 

I will believe, when life’s last task is done,
        I know that I shall see the Christ I love;
And fellowship so sweet on earth begun
        Shall evermore endure with Him above.

Bessie Patton Gilmore

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