Jesus Save Yourself

Jesus save Yourself

  1. First it was Peter in the Garden flaying away with his sword. 1
  2. Then it was Pilot letting Jesus know he had power to release Him.2
  3. Then the soldiers mocking Him.3
  4. Next the sarcastic Jewish teachers.4
  5. Followed by the Jewish Elders hurling their insults.5
  6. On their tail came the High Priests wagging their heads.6
  7. Even a group called “Others” with their cutting remarks.7
  8. The last two were the criminals (later one changed his mind).8

All of them saying the same thing, in one way or another
But Jesus would not come down.

He could have, because the Bible says, “And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together).13

Amazing thought, Jesus with a thought could have dissolved the very spikes holding Him to the Cross. With a thought He could have made that rugged cross crumble into dust. But He didn’t come down.

When a mob with Roman soldiers came to take Jesus by force, Peter pulled his sword and tried to defend Jesus. Jesus told him to put the sword away. Then He asked Peter, “Do you not think I cannot call on my Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?”9  That is 72,000 angels! (A legion at this time was 6,000). That night Jesus let the mob take Him.

There are several accounts of angels, given the authority by God, to take life. One account was when the Assyrian army came against Israel and the angel of the LORD went through their camp and killed one hundred and eighty five thousand soldiers.10 Another time the death angel went through Egypt and killed the first born in all the homes where he did not see the blood of the lamb on the doors of the homes. This was the first Passover, for when the blood was present the death angel passed over those living inside.11

This is what is so profound. Jesus could have called many angels to defend Him that night, but He didn’t.  Any one of those angels could have destroyed everyone in that garden that night. They could have destroyed everyone in all of Jerusalem or the whole world for all that goes, but Jesus wouldn’t allow them. I can imagine 72,000 angels, hands on swords, straining for just a gesture, just a hint from their Master to free Him, but the order never came. Jesus allowed this horrid night to happen. He willed it to happen, despising the shame but looked forward to the joy on the other side of the cross.12


When you are home go to someplace private, where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes, preferably the bathroom. Look very closely into the mirror. Forget if you like what you see or not, but get close to the mirror. Look into your eyes. Look deeply, can you see past your pupil into the depth of your soul. We all know the answer; you can’t see that deeply but the One Who hung on that cross can. He sees your deepest hearts desires. He sees to the depth of your soul.

He was there the day you were born. He knows the parents you had. He has been there through every one of your hurts and He knows why you do the things you do. He sees the little boy or little girl that lives there; the fears, the joys, the disappointments and victories you have had in life. He loves you so much He was not willing  to come down off the cross so you could spend all eternity with Him. Had He come down from the cross there would be no blood to wipe away our sins. We would have been lost eternally, but He loved us enough to die for us.

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Randy Benedetto

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