Real Statistics Of 20th Century Suffering In The Name Of Christ

We should understand what has been happening
in this century concerning suffering

It could be said in the 18th century the Bible was killed; in the 19th century God was killed and in the 20th century man was killed. More people have been killed in the 20th century than all the wars in world in recorded history.

We sometimes hear the statement that “more people have been killed in the name of Christ than in any other name.”  We hear it so often that some people take it as gospel truth. It’s like Hitler’s Big Lie: If you tell a big lie often enough and loudly enough, sooner or later, many people will take it for the truth. Lets take a look at some recorded facts and expose this lie that has been blamed on Christianity.

Stalin Slaughtered More Than 40,000,000 people
The entire Inquisition is reported to have killed 30,000 people.
Stalin attempted to liquidate the entire Christian Church in his country
in 1934

Hitler, who hated God as much as Stalin did, killed 15,000,000
His killing started with the mentally retarded and 1st World War Vets
He killed 6 million Jews and 9-10 million others (mostly Christian)

Hitler Has Slain His Millions, Mao His Tens Of Millions:
In 1948 at Mao’s take over 24.7 million were killed in purges, famines, and deaths in
slave labor camps.
From 1959 – 1962 about 25 million were killed in the collectivization effort
From 1969-1976 about 22 million were killed under the “Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution” It was the greatest   effort in all of history to eradicate all Religion and Christianity.

Mao is responsible for killing 72,000,000

The Communist take over in Cambodia took 2-3 million.

Other wars in this century have claimed the lives of an estimated 40,000,000

Adding Up The Numbers:

  1. Stalin 40 million
  2. Hitler 15 million
  3. Mao              72 million
  4. Cambodia 3 million
  5. Other wars in this century 40 million

Total                                  170 million


This is not mention a total of 1 billion (1000 million) abortions. 65 million per year world wide

Using the most exaggerated numbers for all 20 centuries combined, the number killed by “Professing Christians” is 17 million. This number was figured from deaths caused by the Crusades, the Antisemitism Era, the Inquisition, the Wars of Religion, and the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

This is not to justify the wrong done in the name of Christ, however, if we would look at the tremendous things accomplished in the name of Christ, we would realize what a terrible place the world would be if Jesus had never been born.

Compiled by Randy Benedetto
Taken from the book “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born”
Author D. James Kennedy

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  1. Thank you for this writing, Randy. Christians surely have been persecuted and it is a warning that we must always be ready. Ready in our own lives and ready to share with others. Thank you for your continuing witness. You are an inspiration to so many and I thank you.

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