Rembrant the Dutch Artist

Rembrant has it right!

To most people the name Rembrant is just the name of some great artist of some bygone day. Unless you are into art, you are not into Rembrant.  But Rembrant was more than just a name; he was a man; a man with feelings; a man with feeling about Jesus.  This famous Dutch artist painted his concept of the crucifixion. At first, the observer’s attention is drawn to the cross and to Jesus who hangs on the cross, but then the eyes begin to wander on the canvas to the crowd that is gathered around the cross and one becomes aware of the attitudes and actions of these people.  As the eyes drift to the edge of the picture you may see another figure standing in the shadow. It is Rembrant himself.  He saw himself helping to crucify Jesus!  To him, the crucifixion was a personal experience.  It should be the same for all of us.  Jesus was put there for all of us.  It is all right not to be into Rembrant, but not to be into Christ is to miss the whole world and eternity beyond.

Author: Unknown

Rembrandt_RaisingoftheCrossI might add that some think that Rembrandt was the man standing to the left of the cross wearing a turban.Others think he is the one at the foot of the cross. Maybe he painted himself in the scene twice?  If you study the self portraits of Rembrandt you will be hard pressed to tell which one he is.

Randy Benedetto


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