Ten Lepers Healed

Jesus going to Jerusalem,
Between Samaria and Galilee.
Ten Men stood at a distance,
They fell on bended knee.

They cried out “Jesus, Master”
We’re leprous and can’t come near.
We plead for you to heal us,
Our plea we beg you hear.

Jesus pitied each one of them,
His love for them they’ll know.
But first go to the priests,
To them yourselves must show.

On journey to the priests,
An amazing thing took place.
All ten were healed of leprosy,
Not even the slightest trace!

But one of the ten when he was healed,
Went to Jesus full of praise.
He threw himself at Jesus’ feet
Thankful, joyful and amazed.

A Samaritan the only one,
Who came back to offer thanks.
A Samaritan – a lowly one,
Low in Jewish ranks.

Jesus was quite dismayed,
Just one in ten returned.
To praise and thank Almighty God,
To God, His worship spurned.

Then Jesus kindly said to him,
You may rise and you may go.
Your faith had made you well,
Tell the world so they know.

Luke 17:  11-19

Randy Benedetto

One thought on “Ten Lepers Healed

  1. Your poetry amazes me honey! It’s a joy to sit here and watch you meditate over each line, writing and rewriting until you think it’s perfect, bringing glory to your great God.

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