This Is My Corner


Everyone has a corner whether they know it or not. It is a corner that has affected their lives profoundly, either directly or indirectly. This is my corner and the corner for twenty three others souls I can account for and many more than I can’t account for, nor have I even met! This is where it all started to happen and it is the place of eternal changes in many lives.

I stood on this corner with my sister, Sunny, and my Mother in 1956. ┬áMy mother decided that we all needed to start going to church. Mother had been raised a Methodist and my father was a Catholic. Two years earlier it would have been difficult for us to go to church because we lived in the country and we didn’t own a car. We didn’t own a TV either and these two items would be used by God to bring us to a place to know Him. If we wanted to go someplace we had to walk an eighth of a mile to catch the bus that came around every two hours that ran between Alliance and ┬áCanton, Ohio or call a cab, which was too expensive. I only remember calling the cab once and that was Easter Sunday.

On Sunday mornings, now that we owned a car, my dad dropped us off at the Methodist church and he went to the Catholic church. After church we waited at this corner, come rain or shine, and father (later to be named Pap) would pick us up. The church is the Mt. Union Methodist church in Alliance, Ohio and this corner at South Union Avenue and West Hartshorn Street is where I mark our beginning. They don’t know it in Alliance but this is my corner. If they knew I probably would get taxed!

Yes, this is my corner where at age eleven our family started learning about and turning to Christ. Both my parents eventually found a local church and started serving in their own way. As a result of the decision my mother made, as mentioned, twenty three family members have come to Christ. Out of those family members came two pastors, a pastors wife, several Sunday School teachers, elders and leaders in the church. Two full church buildings were built, one from donations to Haiti and one built by hand in West Virginia. One Christian author, several Christian businessmen and many souls led to Christ and growing in Christ all because one insignificant person, in her own eyes, made a decision to go to church.

We are all called to do good works. In simple obedience to that calling, making one little decision after another, there is no end to the good that could be achieved and the glory that could be brought to God. When you feel the urge to do something good and right, do it! Most often it will make you feel uncomfortable or be inconvenient, but do it anyway and trust God to do great things through you, regardless of how insignificant you feel about yourself.

Randy Benedetto

2 thoughts on “This Is My Corner

  1. What a blessing to have read your story ~ what a blessing you are to me and to others. THANK YOU, Randy!

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